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Since 1996, Raisins, Pistachios and our company, operating in the industry without compromising on quality and production continues.

Contemporary initiatives faster ,hygienic and for the production of quality products to meet the requirements of the age.

Its location is closer to the market of raw materials and our company and its production is faster and more cost efficient products, such as sterilization, and is easier.

Of qualified staff and equipment, our production has occurred in our hygiene , quality, reliability and customer satisfaction are kept in the foreground.

Our Mission

We receive products of Modern, Healthy and Hygienic environment, and expectations of the customer to suit the Taste of processing, the Production of continuous improvement and perfection of the right to drive, available capacity, improve Domestic and Overseas markets, our Products to market and manufacturer partners with the highest possible benefit

Our Vission

"The world's highest quality Pistachio produce, Nuts sector, particularly in sales and marketing in the Food Sector to be one of the leading companies, our Customers the best quality products, best service approach is to offer."


Our company,human health, food safety and quality with special attention to the maximum extent of regulations,standards and expectations of the customer to the appropriate product / service offering principle of self-organization.

For years, we have demonstrated stable of our success is the essence of all of our work is to provide customer satisfaction in the sense of responsibility with a high motivation to ensure the effective participation of poses.

The basic policy of "Zero Error" the continuous improvement of the principles and in accordance with the understanding, even if our customers are satisfied them is always better to put in the work.


Balaban Pistachio of human resources in the evaluation of people come first.

Human resources of our goals in our water, we can list them: Qualified human resources work With numerous awards, employee productivity and commitment to promote and improve To achieve maximum performance continuous training of our employees to give support.



We believe that the quality and technology of our Production Facilities as Balaban Pistachio shows the importance we give to our customers.

Our Production Facility is built using modern and technological machines. Our machinery park is always hygienic, always technology oriented, and the technology is closely followed and innovations are applied instantly.

Pre-Screening, Cleaning, Roasting, Calibration and Packing processes are carried out in our own facilities and with high precision in order to ensure that Antep Pistachio is in the right place both in the domestic market and abroad market and to meet customer needs exactly.


Pistachio trees have been cultivated in Anatolia since the time of the Hittities, around 1800-1200 BC. The pistachio is delicate, enigmatic, full of secrets. It grows slowly, a gift from grandfather to grandson, a food for kings, first eaten in ancident Mesopotamia, and famous ever since for its flavour.

The pistachio vera can be grown on arid lands where no other crop will grow, and Gaziantep's climate is the best in the World for its cultivation.

Once planeted, the pistachia vera produces no harvest fort he first 10 years of its life and needs painstaking care during this period.

It begings to produce a full yield after 25 years, and will normally, live to 150. Unlike most other plants, it yields a bountiful harvest one year, yet only a minimal harvest the next, and requires careful cultivation. The fruit of this tree is miraculously rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and unsaturated fats. This is why the Antep Pistachio is known as "the Food of Kings" a symbol of healt and power.

Raw pistachio are consumed as fruit, roasted pistachios as nuts, and unshelled pistachios are used in the food industry to flavour chocolate and certain similiar products.

Our land is one of two gene centres for the Antep Pistachio. Some old trees within Gaziantep's provincial borders, know as "Anıt Ağaçlar", or monumental trees, are conjectured to be as much as 650-1000 years old.

Serving Size 100g;

  • 0 Choleserol,
  • 500 mg phosphor,
  • 1020 mg potassium,
  • 130 mg calcium,
  • 158 mg magnesium,
  • 5.2 mg vitamin E,
  • 7 mg vitamin C,
  • 0,20 mg. vitamin B2,
  • 1.45 mg nicotinamide


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